With house prices continuing to rise after the recent election, more people are opting to stay put and refurbish and renovate to meet their needs, rather than move home.

With the right advice, some imagination and careful planning, it really is amazing what you can do with existing spaces.

1. Tucking in

Desperate for a downstairs loo but don’t have the space to spare? Consider putting one under the staircase!

With a small corner hand washing sink, and a carefully placed WC, it’s not as much of a squeeze as you might think. A cleverly hung door can go a long way in creating a private space in a small space.

2. Going up

Getting that spare room needn’t mean increasing the footprint of your house, why not consider going in to the loft space to create the additional space for a spare room, master suite or study that you have always been after.

Bespoke joinery to roof eaves can create clever storage without imposing on the useable space of the room, and carefully placed skylights can introduce natural light into a room without being imposing.

3. Branching out

You really would be surprised of the difference a side extension can make to a kitchen.

A little extra space for a dining room table? An area for the kids to play in? A little nook for a bar? This could all be achievable for a reasonable cost. Let us take a look at some designs for you.