Home. It’s the place where you spend the most time, where you share your most intimate moments, where you cook up a storm, where you care for your loved ones and where you welcome your friends.

Yet so many people spend little thought or no time on personalising their homes, instead falling for the tried and trusted time and again.

It doesn’t need to be a grand project, here’s some tips on how to make your house your home in just a weekend:

  1. COLOUR! Don’t stick to the rules, don’t leave it magnolia, colour it in! It’s one of the cheapest and simplest ways to introduce personality into a home – bringing splashes, or buckets, whatever takes your fancy.
  2. SHARE. Blow up your favourite travel photos and frame them as works of art. Line timelines of your special ones up the staircase. Share your moments with the people who share your home.
  3. COMMISSION. Whether it’s a local artist, a budding student, or your own children, commission a special piece just for your space. You want a picture of a ginger cat for your bathroom? Ask your 7 year old niece, she’ll be excited and you get to exhibit their priceless work!
  4. SCENT. It’s one of the first things people notice when they enter your home, the smell of the place. Make sure you are making the right impression with candles or diffusers sticks. Make sure you change the scents every season to shake it up a bit.