If you want more space, but don’t know how you can create it, our design and reconfiguration experts are here to help you.

Reconfiguring your home or office can make a huge difference to your property’s practicality and its value – but a badly done job can have completely the opposite effect!

We can help you get it right, making sure that your property is reconfigured safely and in the most appropriate way for you and your needs.

Walk through your new room

Using the most up to date design technology, our experienced team can prepare highly realistic three dimensional models, to give you an accurate representation of how your new space could look.

It can be difficult to really visualise a new room, especially if you are considering options like ‘knocking-through’ walls which will completely transform your home or office.

Our interactive ‘walk-through’ gives you an extremely realistic insight into how your new space will look.  You can therefore make sure the layout will work for you and make any changes and alterations until you get the layout just right.