Do you want to create a look of luxury without the high cost? Venetian Plaster might just be what you’re looking for

So what is Venetian Plaster? Also known as “Polished Plaster it’s a wall and ceiling finish of plaster mixed with marble dust which is burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. It can make any room look luxurious and classy and works well in both commercial and domestic properties.

Stone coloured Venetian plaster used in a bathroom to create a contemporary look

Stone coloured Venetian plaster used in a bathroom to create a contemporary look

With its matte finish, rough and stone-like to the touch it can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish without the high price of marble.

It’s versatile and can be tinted, or coloured using natural or synthetic colorants so you can achieve that unique or specific marble colour that you just can’t find anywhere.

Most people think Authentic Venetian Plaster is a faux finish, but it isn’t. It’s actually the most authentic veneer wall finish you could have.

Don’t be fooled by synthetic products labelled “Venetian Plaster,” They really aren’t. While these synthetic Venetian Plasters made by paint manufacturers may look very similar in appearance to the real thing just be aware that in time they will fade and become “tired”, just like painted walls.

True Italian Venetian Plaster is the perfect choice for your bathroom, shower room, WC or kitchen as it allows water absorbed into the plaster to evaporate and exit the structure and can tolerate rising damp and canal-side applications unlike cheaper acrylic and cement plasters.

Venetian Plaster is a lifetime finish and much less likely to crack than cement finishes. Naturally mould resistant, you will get beautiful walls that will withstand the test of time. Another great bonus is that Venetian Plasters fit perfectly into the future of green building. Not only is it beautiful, the looks and finishes for Venetian Plaster are limitless.

Terracotta shiny Venetian plaster

Terracotta shiny Venetian plaster

If you are looking to create a marbled look, giving that feel of luxury and class at an affordable price then Venetian Plaster is for you. Just ensure you hire a skilled contractor to do the job.

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